Bed Frames for Elegant Bedrooms

by admin on August 21, 2012

A good part of one’s day is spent in the bedroom, and the bed is the most essential piece of furniture that is required for a comfortable living. A bed frame is part of the bed that keeps the mattress off the floor. It consists of a headboard, a footboards and side rails. They come in various sizes such as single, deluxe, queen and king. The bed frames are available in all price ranges so you can choose the one that suits your requirements and budget. A well designed and a sturdy bed frame makes your bed comfortable and long lasting.

There are many factors, which one should consider while choosing bed frames. Does the bed frame match the decor of your house? Is the bed frame meeting your practical requirements? Is there enough space for an elaborate bed frame, or you have to go for a sleek bed frame which doesn’t take up much space? Do you want k cup storage drawers in the bed frame? Answering all these questions will ensure that you buy the right bed frame that best suits your requirements.

The bed frames are generally made of wood or metal. Wooden bed frames are the most popular of all. They are available in various styles and sizes. The wood can be crafted into a design that suits the decor of the house; traditional or contemporary. Traditional wooden bed frames are made of oak or teak and have intricate carvings and embellishments. They are symbols of sheer elegance and style. The oak bed frames have an elaborate headboard and footboard and can accommodate both spring box mattresses as well as platform mattresses. The oak wood bed frames are sturdy and durable. These wooden bed frames also come with storage trunks and drawers which can accommodate your bed linen and other things which are not required regularly. This way you can create more space in the house. The teak bed frames are also extremely popular as they are quite heavy and durable. The sturdiness of the teak bed frames ensures that they do not get damaged even while shifting house. The best thing is that the teak wood can be crafted into intricate designs and make elaborate headboards.

Another popular material used for making bed frames is metal. The metals used are brass, steel and wrought iron. Steel bed frames are quite popular amongst all because of their strength. They are best suited for a house with a contemporary decor. Some steel bed frames can be taken apart, folded and stowed in a closet. Though they are light and portable, they cannot compete with the elegance of wooden bed frames. In spite of the fact that metal bed frames are gaining popularity, the wooden frames still remain a favourite amongst everybody because of the sturdiness and durability of those bed frames. The kind of intricate carving and embellishments that can be achieved with wood cannot be done with any other material. Moreover, bed frames can be made with the combination of metal and wood. This way you can imbibe the goodness of both materials and can have the bed frames of your choice.

If you are looking to replace your current bed frame, then I would highly recommend Chest of Drawers wooden bed frames, which are made from a range of different wood types such as oak or walnut.

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